Taylor Swift MBTI Personality Type

Taylor Swift MBTI

We investigate Taylor Swift’s MBTI personality type. Taylor Swift is an American singer-songwriter. Her discography spans multiple genres, and her narrative songwriting, which is often inspired by her personal life, has received widespread media coverage and critical praise.

She did songwriting in country, country pop, as well as rock and electronic genres. Afterwards, Swift transitioned to pop music completely. Having sold over 200 million records worldwide, Swift is one of the best-selling musicians of all time.

What is Taylor Swift’s MBTI Personality Type?

Taylor Swift’s MBTI type is the ENFP personality. With their lively, upbeat approach to life, ENFPs stand out in any crowd. Not only can they be the life of the party, but they also strive to develop deep and meaningful connections with others.

As an ENFP, Taylor Swift does her best to connect with her fans. Not only does she create masterpieces that tug at one’s heartstrings, she also shows compassion to others by engaging in charity.

Taylor Swift has Extraverted Intuition

Taylor Swift has Extraverted Intuition(Ne) as her dominant function. As one of the top artists of her time, Swift demonstrates boundless creativity. Not only does she sing, but she also writes her own songs. Taylor Swift is the sole writer credited on over 50 songs.

She also likes to keep her options open and dabbles in various genres. According to the singer-songwriter, sometimes ideas come to her in a cloud and she has to grab it. It is typical of an ENFP to get inspiration from seemingly unconnected events and ideas.

Taylor Swift has Introverted Feeling

Taylor Swift has Introverted Feeling(Fi) as her auxiliary function. Swift uses this function to add emotional depth to her songs. According to her, music is her way of understanding her love life. She does not really talk about it but rather sings about it as it sounds more poetic and romantic with music behind it.

As Fi is an introverted process, ENFPs use their extraverted process, Ne, to express their deep emotions. In the case of Taylor Swift, she expresses her emotions through her music. She also feels empathy for others and makes many financial contributions to charitable causes.

Taylor Swift has Extraverted Thinking

Taylor Swift has Extraverted Thinking(Te) as her tertiary function. In the process of crafting a piece of music, she has to adhere to a strict structure and logical flow. This function allows her to process her creative ideas and express them in a more concise manner.

Taylor Swift has Introverted Sensing

Taylor Swift has Introverted Sensing(Si) as her inferior function. Swift’s past causes her great pain. She does not feel comfortable talking about her past struggle with eating disorder. She feels regret that she used to care so much about her body image that she starved herself.

Taylor Swift’s MBTI type is not doubt that of an ENFP personality. Having a bubbly and outgoing personality, she connects with her fans and expresses herself through her music. Do you agree with this typing? Do share your thoughts in the comments.

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