• MBTI of Unabomber: Manhunt Characters

    Let us explore the interesting characters in Unabomber: Manhunt and assign them their respective mbti types based on our observation of their actions and traits.

    Manhunt:Unabomber first premiered on Discovery Channel on August 1,2017. This 8 episode series produced by Andrew Sodroski, Jim Clemente, and Tony Gittelson depicts a fictionalized account of the FBI’s hunt for the Unabomber.

    Besides engaging viewers by bringing a new light onto the Unabomber case such as introducing the pioneering of forensic analytics as well as the Unbomber’s rejection of technological-industrial society, this series also allows viewers to take a deep dive into the psyches of the main characters in the show. Here are the MBTIs of Manhunt:Unabomber characters.

    Jim Fitzgerald-INTP

    Jim Fitzgerald is the archetype of the INTP. Innovative and logical, he seeks out the truth at all cost, pioneering the field of forensic linguistics despite not having a formal degree in the area. He is critical of the evidence he comes across and above all, of the flaws in human and his own psychology, allowing him to tackle a case that others spent 15 years trying to solve in a short period of time.

    His weaknesses are closely related to his strengths. His INTP tedency to speak the truth (dominant Ti) with no regard for social dynamics (inferior Fe) caused him to be alienated by his colleagues and fired by his superiors, despite him being right. His focus on a single intellectual object also alienated those around him(his wife, Ellie Fitzgerald, and his love interest, Natalie Rogers).

    Ted Kaczynski-INTJ

    INTJs are visionaries who have single-minded focus to execute their plan and to realize their vision. Ted’s introverted intuition (Ni) allowed him to create a vision of a world without technology. He ruthlessly carries out his plan (Te auxiliary) of bombing scientists and professors.

    Despite being a highly intelligent mathematician, Ted’s victimization by authority figures which he respected (Harvard professors) caused him to lose trust in others and harbor a deep sense of injustice(inferior fi) towards being mistreated by society. This was further aggravated by his inability to connect with others, causing him to lose faith in the entire system and resolve to extreme means of destabilizing society. However, he finds an unlikely sympathizer and rival in Jim Fitzgerald, due to both INTP’s and INTJ’s tendency for nonconformity and intellectual independence.

    Don Ackerman-ENTJ

    ENTJs are great leaders and are logical and analytical when it comes to making decisions. Don Ackerman shows definite traits of the ENTJ as he leads the Unabomber task force with forcefulness, making quick decisions at critical moments. Despite falling prey to his overconfidence at his own insights(Ni) when chasing wrong leads, he ultimately makes the right choice to believe Jim when Jim convinces him with empirical evidence(Dominant Te), making a good partnership between the INTP and ENTJ.

    Ellie Fitzgerald-ISFJ

    Tradition(Dominant Si) is very important to ISFJs. Ellie Fitzgerald highly values the social structure of familial relations and believe it is the duty of parents to give children the attention they need. When Jim’s overabsorption in his work causes him to overlook his children, Ellie is hurt by this. With auxiliary Fe, Ellie is very perceptive of emotions, and notices Jim getting close to Natalie even when Jim does not, therefore causing her to view Natalie as a threat to her security.

    Natalie Rogers-ENTP

    ENTPs are imaginative and ingenious. Natalie Rogers instantly strikes an intellectual connection with Jim as they bounce ideas off each other about linguistics. This is especially evident in the scene where she was sharing with Jim about using linguistics to draw intelligent conclusions about one’s place of origin, when Jim had an epiphany. Understanding that Jim had an intellectual breakthrough with his case, she encourages him to pursue it immediately.

    Stan Cole-ESTJ

    ESTJs value structure and are practical, disliking abstract ideas or theories. They depend on their own experience(Si). This makes Stan Cole one of the biggest naysayer of Jim as he views Jim’s ideas as not having any historical backing due to forensic linguistics not having a precedent at that point in time. Despite that, Stan Cole displays leadership qualities and efficiency of execution when he leads the FBI to arrest Ted.

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