Knowing(2009) movie MBTI

Let us explore the interesting characters in the knowing movie and assign them their respective MBTI based on their behaviour.

Knowing is a science fiction thriller film directed and co-produced by Alex Proyas and starring Nicholas Cage. This is a frightening, suspenseful and intelligent film which puts viewers at the edge of their seats as they attempt to grasp at the reasons behind the seemingly impossibility of humans being able to predict the time and position of calamities with horrifying accuracy. It also gets viewers pondering about the nature of causality and occurrence. Let’s do a deep dive on the characters in this gripping motion picture.

Jonathan Koestler-ISTJ

The defining characteristics of dependability, practical logic and dedication to duty definitely applies to Jonathan Koestler. Despite being a single father, he nevertheless manages to juggle his responsibility of looking after his son and managing his work as an astrophysicist. His keen eye for detail (dominant Si) causes him to notice patterns in the list of numbers his son was given, and he meticulously follows his train of thought by looking objectively at the evidence (auxiliary Te) and trying to prove himself wrong like the scientist he is.

However, due to his tertiary introverted feeling, he often has trouble expressing his emotions. Despite him hurting over the death of his wife, he does not talk about his feelings to anyone, not to his son, his sister, not to his friend. His dominant Si also causes him to be fixated with the past.

Caleb Koestler-INTJ

Caleb Koestler fits the description of the INTJ, being naturally inquisitive and drawn to intellectual stimulation. This is seen as he asks his dad about the nature of the universe and whether there are other life forms in the universe. His curiosity also motivated him to keep the paper with numbers on it as he felt there may be a pattern that he could find. It is fitting that he was given the message conveying the future by the aliens and chosen to be part of the future of humanity, given that INTJs are visionaries (dominant Ni).

Diana Wayland-ISFJ

Being focused on the present and on concrete facts, Diana Wayland ignores her mother’s predictions, despite being faced with irrefutable evidence that they were right. Due to Si-Fe being her top two cognitive functions, she insists on staying in her comfort zone(Si) and enjoying time with her daughter(Fe) by bringing her to the museum, etcetera and does not deal with the fact that she is going to die. As ISFJs depend on the past to predict the future(Si), she infers from the fact that everything was fine in the past to come to the conclusion that she would not die and “no one can predict (her) future”. Due to Ne being her inferior function, she does not use it appropriately to explore all future possibilities and instead uses it to collect “intuitive” evidence to confirm her own biases.

Abby Wayland-INFP

Abby is an unassuming girl who is seemingly passive and displays little external emotion. However she is deeply connected to her own emotions (Fi) and is loyal to those around her, especially her mother. Her inexpressiveness is due to the INFP’s dislike for conflict and dominance for others. Despite being faced with the unknown, she is unfazed and maintains her optimistic attitude(Auxiliary Ne).

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