Jeff Bezos MBTI

We investigate Jeff Bezos’s MBTI personality type. Jeff Bezos is a Business magnate, investor, and media proprietor. He is best known for starting and running Amazon, an American multinational technology company which concentrates on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, and digital streaming.

Amazon first started out as an online marketplace for books, then branched out to include other everyday items. It eventually diversified into offering cloud services and producing tv shows. With a net worth of close to $200 billion, Jeff Bezos is one of the richest man in the world.

What is Jeff Bezos’s MBTI Personality Type?

Jeff Bezos’s MBTI type is the ISTJ personality. Jeff Bezos is dependable and trustworthy and is someone you can count on. As an ISTJ, he values efficiency and is excellent at creating effective systems. Jeff Bezos is an industrious worker, and ISTJs are able to concentrate for huge amounts of time. We will take a deep dive into the ISTJ’s cognitive function stack to explain how Jeff Bezos shows up as an ISTJ.

Jeff Bezos has Introverted Sensing

Jeff Bezos's MBTI is ISTJ

Jeff Bezos has Introverted Sensing as his dominant function. Jeff Bezos uses a “regret-minimization framework” when making his life decisions. His goal is that when he is 80 years old he can look back at his life with no regrets. ISTJs are nostalgic and value their history. This is reflected in Bezos’s aim to make sure that when he looked back at his past, he would not feel regret.

As an ISTJ, Bezos is reliable, and prides himself on honesty and integrity. When looking for investors, he did not try to sugarcoat things, and was upfront with the his estimation that there was a 70% chance that Amazon could go bankrupt. Having been the CEO of Amazon for 27 years, he is someone that his employees can look to should they face any problems.

Jeff Bezos has Extraverted Thinking

Jeff Bezos's MBTI personality type is ISTJ

Jeff Bezos has Extraverted Thinking as his auxiliary function. He prizes effectiveness. He made Amazon into one of the most efficient delivery systems in the world, which was able to deliver almost anything to one’s doorstep in a matter of days. Sometimes he would take this effectiveness too far, treating his employees as mere resources to achieve his goal, making them work long hours for low wages. He made his executives read a six page memo instead of using PowerPoint slides during meetings.

Jeff Bezos has Introverted Feeling

Jeff Bezos MBTI

Jeff Bezos has Introverted Feeling as his tertiary function. As this is his tertiary function, it is relatively easy to ignore. He often prioritizes efficiency over moral righteousness, leading to the maltreatment of his employees and ruthless decapacitation of his competitors. However, he is seen to be a fair leader, raising the wages of his employees when he needed to.

Jeff Bezos has Extraverted Intuition

Jeff Bezos's 16 personality type is ISTJ

Jeff Bezos has Extraverted Intuition as his inferior function. Jeff Bezos is perhaps one of the most well-developed ISTJs. Despite this being his inferior functions, he wields it to great effect. He hypothesizes about the future, seeing the potential of an online marketplace. He also has big dreams for humanity, founding the spaceflight company blue origin to explore the possibility of cheaper space travel.

Bezos is undeniably an ISTJ personality. He is dependable and practical. Despite having foresight, his strength remains in his ability to focus on the present moment to execute his greatest dreams. Do you agree with this typing? Do share your thoughts in the comments. Also see Bill Gates’s MBTI, Steve Job’s MBTI, Elon Musk’s MBTI, and Mark Zuckerberg’s MBTI.