What gifts do INTPs like?

At first glance, it may not be easy to decide on a gift for the INTP. Being a very private person and an Introverted Thinker(Ti), the INTP is seldom liberal with is thoughts. However, there are some gifts the INTPs are sure to like.

Best gifts for the INTP

1. Online courses

INTP gift-online courses

INTPs absolutely loves to learn. Due to their auxiliary function Extraverted Intuition(Ne), they revel in exploring various fields and interests, soaking up information like a sponge. An online course in just about anything would make their day. Even better, an annual subscription to an unlimited selection of online courses.

2. Books

INTP gift-Books

INTPs are deep thinkers with a vivid imagination. They enjoy reading both non-fiction and fiction books. They especially appreciate science fiction novels. Also, a non-fiction book on their area of interest would make their day.

3. Food

INTP gift-Food

INTPs have Introverted Sensing(Si) as their tertiary function. Delicious food that stimulates their taste buds grants them access to their inner physical senses.

4. Childhood activity

INTP gift-Childhood activity

Due to Introverted Sensing(Si), INTPs are nostalgic about the past. Spending the day reminiscing the past with an INTP by doing something with him that he used to enjoy as a child would make his day.

5. Movie ticket

INTP gift-movie ticket

Being the introverts that they are, INTPs can appreciate a nice relaxing time at the movie theatre watching thought provoking science fiction films, horror movies, or just plain old action movies.

6. Logic puzzles

INTP gift-logic puzzles

Being the intellectual wizards that they are, INTPs love to engage their Introverted Thinking(Ti) by sharpening their thinking skills via tackling tough logic problems.

7. Handwritten Letter

INTP gift-Handwritten letter

INTPs have inferior Extraverted Feeling(Fe). Despite their occasional aloof demeanor, they often feel underappreciated for the contributions that they make. A heartfelt letter showing one’s gratitude for the INTP would make his day.

8. Quality Time

INTP gift-Quality time

Having inferior Fe, the INTP probably feels that he does not spend enough time with his cherished friends and family. Spending some time playing games or having a deep conversation with the INTP would perk up his mood.

9. Goal Journal

INTP gift-Goal Journal

INTPs are often ambitious individuals with big dreams and goals. With a goal journal, they will be able to pen down all their plans for the future.

10. Self improvement books

INTP gift-self improvement books

Self help books deserve a special section. INTPs are big on self improvement, constantly thinking of ways to reach their fullest potential.

There you have it, the 10 best gifts for INTPs. This is not an exhaustive list, do let us know in the comments if you have any other suggestions.

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