INFJ gift

The INFJ is a giving personality, always listening to the problems of others. When their birthday is around the corner, it is our time to show our appreciation for them by giving them the perfect gift.

Best gifts for the INFJ

1. A Journal

INFJ gift-Journal

While Introverted Intuition(Ni) allows them to understand the thought patterns of others, Extraverted Feeling(Fe) allows them to feel the emotions of others, making them the archetypical empath. However, this means that they will absorb the feelings of others and have trouble dealing with all the unwanted emotions.

Therefore, it is necessary for the INFJ to practice self care. Journaling is the perfect tool for them to write down all their emotions and experiences such that they can work through them. Via Journaling, they can let go of the emotions that are not theirs and understand their own feelings.

2. A book

INFJ gift-Book

INFJs are intellectuals who think deeply and love to read. They are often concerned about the future(Ni) of humanity(Fe). A good book about philosophy, religion, human rights or social science fiction would give them some food for thought.

3. Logic puzzles

INFJ gift-puzzles

Sometimes, an INFJ likes to retreat into their tertiary function Introverted Thinking(Ti). Logic puzzles will provide them with a good respite from all the emotions they have to deal with everyday and allow them to recharge.

4. A shoulder to cry on

INFJ gift-shoulder to cry on

INFJs are great counselors, always providing a compassionate ear to us. However, it is rare that others understand the emotions that INFJs are going through, due to their inability to explain their insights(Ni). Hence, it would make a great gift to an INFJ to have somebody to talk to about their unique struggles and aspirations, for a change.

5. Exercise Equipment

INFJ gift-Exercise equipment

Oftentimes INFJs may be out of touch with their inferior function, extraverted Sensing(Se), neglecting their physical health. It would be good for them to take a break from all their rumination and get back into shape. The dopamine would be good for them too!

6. Art equipment

INFJ gift-art equipment

Art is a good creative outlet for the INFJ to express their intense feelings. Furthermore, it also helps them get in touch with the external physical world(inferior Se).

7. Poetry

INFJ gift-Poetry

INFJs love to read the thoughts and experience the feelings of others. Couple that with their creative nature, and a handwritten letter or poem conveying one’s inner world would make it a present they will never forget.

8. Hiking gear

INFJ gift-hiking gear

INFJs not only care for humanity, but care for nature as well, seeing the natural world as part of us. They enjoy time in nature where they can not only appreciate the physical world(Se), but also feel calm and analyze their thoughts quietly away from the urban environment.

9. Good conversation

INFJ gift-Conversation

The best gift one can give an INFJ is probably a good conversation. INFJs are deep thinkers, and love an intellectually stimulating conversation on topics that concern the future of humanity(Ni + Fe), such as religion, philosophy or society.

There you have it, the 9 best gift ideas for an INFJ. Remember, to the INFJ, it is the thought that counts, not the gift itself. If you have other ideas, please feel free to let me know in the comments.

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