There have been much consensus that Hitler’s MBTI is INFJ. Today we will do a deep dive into an INFJ’s cognitive functions to explain why Hitler’s MBTI is INFJ.


Hitler’s dominant cognitive function is Introverted Intuition(Ni). This shows up as he sees how events would play out in future. He actively plans to realize his twisted vision of world domination by Nazi Germany.

Hitler is faced with many obstacles when pursuing his goal, such as being challenged by the West and being locked up by the Weimar Republic for his role in Beer Hall Putsch. However he never gives up and works around the obstacles, hell bent on seeing his vision play out in the real world.

Ni users are great at understanding the thought process of others as they spend a lot of time understanding their own thought patterns. This gave Hitler the exceptional ability to empathize with disillusioned Germans and galvanize them to restore the prestige of Germany.


Hitler has Extraverted Feeling(Fe) as his auxiliary function. This means he absorbed the emotions of others around him. Coupling this with his understanding of the thought patterns of others(Ni), this caused Hitler to feel the pain his disenfranchised comrades in Germany.

After Germany was crippled and subdued by the Paris Accord in 1919, the country was torn by an inefficient democratic government who could not agree on anything and economic disenfranchisement imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler empathized strongly with his resentful countrymen, which galvanized him to take action to change their current circumstances.

His Extraverted Feeling also gave him the capacity to comprehend how the social dynamics among the Germans played out on a macro level. This gave him the power to arouse the entire nation with his oratorical prowess to carry out the the unthinkable, pitching them against the world and convincing them that purging Jews was the right thing to do.


Hitler has Introverted Thinking(Ti) as his Tertiary function. Sometimes he skips past his Extraverted Feeling and jumps straight to Ti. He ignores the plight of others and uses impersonal logic in his decisions, allowing the massacre of millions of Jews and sending soldiers to their deaths, all for the sake of his cause(Ni).

Hitler is very critical in his thinking when making decisions. He saw through the West’s bluff when he strategically annexed Sudetenland in 1938, guessing that they would not stand up to him. Not only was Hitler a genius at political maneuvering which allowed him to consolidate his power within Germany, he was also proficient in military tactics and understanding how to apply new technology in the war.


Hitler has Extraverted Sensing(Se) as his inferior function. This was most apparent during his youth, when he aspired to be an artist. However, his relative lack of conscious control over this function is showcased by his rejection by the Vienna art academy, as they deemed his art to be mediocre and derivative.

There you have it, Hitler’s MBTI is INFJ. Do you agree with this? Do let us know in the comments.

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