ESFP vs ISFP mbti type comparison


Are you an ESFP or an ISFP? If you still have not yet figured it out, fear not! This post will illustrate some of the core differences between ESFP vs ISFP.

1. ESFPs are more spontaneous than ISFPs

While both ESFPs and ISFPs are adventurous and seek thrill, ESFPs are more likely to drop everything at a moment’s notice to engage in an adrenaline seeking activity. This also makes them a little impulsive compared to ISFPs.

2. ISFPs have more self belief compared to ESFPs

While both types are in touch with their core values and principles, ESFPs are more likely to seek adventure without considering whether what they are doing truly resonates with them. In contrast, ISFPs ensure that they are confident in a decision before taking a leap.

3. ESFPs are more extroverted compared to ISFPs

ESFPs are likely to be party animals with a large circle of friends. They crave the spotlight and live to perform for others. In contrast, ISFPs shun attention and prefer to spend time alone on their own engaging in their hobbies, be it gaming, painting, or drawing.

4. ISFPs daydream more than ESFPs

While both ISFPs and ESFPs are extremely creative, ESFPs seek their stimulation from the outer world, whereas ISFPs turn to their rich inner world for inspiration. That said, both types are very expressive, but the source of their expression is different.

ESFPs and ISFPs are adventurous, spontaneous, and creative, but differ in important ways. Do you agree with these differences? Do share your thoughts in the comments

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