Donald Trump MBTI

Donald Trump MBTI personality type

We investigate Donald Trump’s MBTI personality type. Donald Trump is an American businessman, media personality, and politician who served as the 45th president of the United States from 2017 to 2021. After graduation, Trump took over his dad’s real estate business and rapidly expanded it into building hotels, skyscrapers, golf courses and casinos. He later entered the presidential race as a republican in 2016 and became the first US president with no prior military or government service.

What is Donald Trump’s MBTI Personality Type?

Donald Trump’s MBTI type is the ESTP personality. What is yours?ESTPs live in the moment and are adept at making rapid decisions under pressure. As an ESTP, Trump was proficient at turning around situations that seemed to be hopeless. As a businessman, he moved fast and was adept at persuading others to do what he wanted. As a politician, he made quick yet sound decisions. We will do a deep dive into the ESTP’s cognitive function stack to explain how Donald Trump shows up as an ESTP.

Donald Trump has Extraverted Sensing

Donald Trump has Extraverted Sensing as his dominant function. As an ESTP, Trump actively seeks excitement and relishes in taking risks. This is apparent as he is never content with building a single sustainable business, but instead moves from business to business, rapidly expanding into various ventures. He is unafraid of being in the center of attention.

Indeed, he revels in being in the spotlight. He is extremely comfortable hosting a reality television series The Apprentice and rallying millions as the President of the United States. In his term as president, he has made many quick decisions, including cutting taxes and appointing federal judges, as well as withdrawing US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

Donald Trump has Introverted Thinking

Donald Trump has Introverted Thinking(Ti) as his dominant function. Sometimes Trump ignores this function and makes really impulsive decisions, resulting in him bankrupting several companies and getting into trouble with the law numerous times. In this way, he is somewhat an unhealthy ESTP.

However he does uses this function to make calculated business and political decisions, which allowed him to win the elections by using data to figure out how best to appeal to the population. He speaks his subjective truth with little care for political correctness. It is this feature of him that prompted many to buy into his agenda and vote for him.

Donald Trump has Extraverted Feeling

Donald Trump has Extraverted Feeling(Fe) as his tertiary function. He uses this process primarily to manipulate public opinion and persuade others into doing what he wants. He felt that the public was disillusioned with the current political system and would respond well to a candidate who was untested and who was able to call out dishonest political leaders. He also used this function extensively in business, and was able to persuade the public to invest in his shares. As a result, he was able to get rid of his debt problems.

Donald Trump has Introverted Intuition

Donald Trump has Introverted Intuition(Ni) as his inferior function. It is obvious that this is his weakest function. He lacks any ability whatsoever to plan for the future. He has gotten himself into numerous scandals and legal troubles as a result of his inferior awareness of possible future scenarios. As a political leader, he was also short-sighted, making decisions that may have benefited the country in the short term but were unsustainable in the long run.

Donald Trump’s MBTI type is no doubt that of an ESTP personality. He is always where the action is, living in the moment and using his logical thinking to make sense of everything happening around him. He is adept at thinking on his feet and getting himself out of any trouble he finds himself in. Do you agree with this typing? Do share your thoughts in the comments. Also see Barack Obama’s MBTI, Joe Biden’s MBTI, Bernie Sander’s MBTI, Stalin’s MBTI, and Michelle Obama’s MBTI.

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