Amber Heard MBTI Personality Type

Amber Heard MBTI
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We investigate Amber Heard’s MBTI personality type. Amber Heard is best known for playing Atlantean princess Mera in the film ‘Justice League’ in 2017. She later reprised the role in sequels of the DC Extended Universe franchise. Her divorce with actor Johnny Depp drew considerable media attention.

What is Amber Heard’s MBTI Personality Type?

Amber Heard’s MBTI type is the ESTP personality. What is yours? She is an Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking and Perceiving type. ESTPs live in the moment and are adept at making rapid decisions under pressure. Ambitious and quick witted, Heard is determined to succeed at her professional life. We will do a deep dive into the ESTP’s cognitive function stack to explain how Amber Heard shows up as an ESTP.

Amber Heard has Extraverted Sensing

Amber Heard has Extraverted Sensing (Se) as her dominant function. She is extremely tuned into her external physical environment. Her mastery of her dominant function gives her an uncanny ability to pick up details that others miss and react to situations at breakneck speed, making her an excellent actress in action movies.

Amber Heard has Introverted Thinking

Amber Heard has Introverted Thinking (Ti) as her auxiliary function. She thinks quickly on the spot. Coupled with her ability to spot the micro expressions of others, this function allows her to seemingly read the minds of others. She uses this function to a great extent in her acting career, anticipating the needs of her fellow cast members, the crew, as well as the director.

Amber Heard has Extraverted Feeling

Amber Heard has Extraverted Feeling (Fe) as her Tertiary function. She cares deeply about her community and is a champion of human rights and women’s rights. She is also actively involved in humanitarian activities concerning Mexican immigrants.

Amber Heard has Introverted Intuition

Amber Heard has Introverted Intuition (Ni) as her inferior function. Her poor grasp of this function results in her incompetence at long term planning and gratification delayal. This lack of awareness and interest in the playing out of future events led her to make reckless decisions and get into a storm of media controversy and legal trouble.

Amber Heard’s MBTI type is no doubt that of an ESTP personality. She is always where the action is, living in the moment and using her logical thinking to make sense of everything happening around her. She is adept at thinking on her feet and getting herself out of any trouble she finds herself in. Do you agree with this typing? Do share your thoughts in the comments. Also see Robert Downey Jr’s MBTIJennifer Lawrence’s MBTIKristen Stewart’s MBTI, and Keanu Reeves’s MBTI.

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