Adele MBTI Personality Type

Adele MBTI

We investigate Adele’s MBTI personality type. Adele is an English singer and songwriter. One of the world’s best-selling music artists, she has sold over 120 million records. She had three simultaneous top-ten singles, “Rolling in the Deep”, “Someone Like You”, and “Set Fire to the Rain”. In 2012, Adele released “Skyfall”, a soundtrack single for the James Bond film of the same name, which won the Academy Award and the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song.

What is Adele’s MBTI Personality Type?

Adele’s MBTI type is the ENTJ personality. What is yours? ENTJs are natural leaders who are comfortable organizing others to achieve a goal. They are extremely effective at getting things done in the real world. As an ENTJ, Adele never questions herself and fights tirelessly to realize her vision, eventually becoming one of the most successful artists of all time. We will use the ENTJ’s cognitive function stack to explain how Adele shows up as an ENTJ.

Adele has Extraverted Thinking

Adele has Extraverted Thinking (Te) as her dominant function. She strives to maintain external order and know what needs to be done to be successful. She chose a niche audience and appealed to them and was able to move more physical product than just about any other singer.

She is straightforward and does not like being told what to do. In her interview, she also said that the best advice her mom gave her was to stop being so regimental with routine. Apparently Adele loves to control her external circumstances, which makes her so successful.

Adele has Introverted Intuition

Adele has Introverted Intuition (Ni) as her auxiliary function. She has a vision of how her music will be enjoyed and accepted by many and works hard to bring that vision into the real world. She always trusts her intuition that things will work out.

Also, she says how “There’s something I’m pulling from somewhere else…something else from underneath…I don’t know what is it but it’s coming through me…I don’t know how I access it” in her interview. She understands how she thinks and how others think, allowing her to craft authentic pieces of music that somehow also sells.

Adele has Extraverted Sensing

Adele has Extraverted Sensing as her tertiary function. She enjoys engaging in the physical world and having new experiences. Adele revels in being able to perform in front of a large crowd of people and being able to absorb the atmosphere of the place in real time. She uses her voice to give others around her a good experience.

Adele has Introverted Feeling

Adele has Introverted Feeling (Fi) as her inferior function. As an ENTJ, she usually doesn’t express her emotions in daily life. Music gives her a medium to tap into this process and put her emotions down in the form of words and song. She also talks about how she experiences rage and frustration from repressed feelings.

Adele’s MBTI type is no doubt that of an ENTJ personality. She is tremendously task oriented and will do whatever she takes to make her dreams come true. She uses music as a medium to express her repressed feelings, but is also very business oriented at the same time, having a good understanding of what will sell and what will not. Do you agree with this typing? Do share your thoughts in the comments.

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